Ugg Boots Kitty Kasa - Cheap Uggs Your Uggs Outlet Store new home!!
A creative idea turns a simple Ugg Boots Clearance box into an innovative design solution. Here's what Studio Mango has done for pet cats…

When Charles Dickens said, "What greater gift than the love of a cat!"Ugg Boots little did he realize that a cat lover could actually take that love to great heights of innovation and creation.

It really doesn't matter if your cat is goofy, Ugg Boots stubborn, playful, or fat or snuggly, Studio Mango's pet collection Kitty Kasa suits them all. The collection is modular in nature and comprises stand alone cubes - 40 x 40 x Ugg Boots Clearance25 cm each, crafted from LDPE plastic, which makes maintenance a child's play. Whether stacked together or stand alone, these modules make a great habitat for cats to eat, sleep Cheap Ugg Boots Cheap Ugg Boots Ouelet and play in. Incidentally, they have been lovingly termed as bedroom (sleep nest), gym (scratch pole) and recreation (to play), with more modules soon to be Cheap Ugg Boots available. What's more their bright block colours – white, red and burgundy are designed to suit every décor.

Effectively realizing their commitment for animals, Cheap Ugg Boots Ouelet especially cats, ARNI foundation in Florida, which goes all over USA to rescue pets from kill shelters and also when disasters like hurricane Katrina have taken place, have Ugg Boots joined hands with industrial and product designer Paul Hendrix of Studio Mango to conceptualize and structure the brand identity of their own line of pet products under the brand Cheap Ugg Boots Ouelet name "ARNI Says". Kitty Kasa is their first product.